Recitazione di Poesia uigura








Abdurehim Tileshüp Ötkür


We were young when we started our journey,


Now our grand-children are able to ride on horses.


We were very few when started our journey,


Now we’re advancing and left traces on the desert.


Our traces are in the deserts and in the valleys,


There are many heroes buried in the desert with no grave.


Don’t say they were left without graves,


Their graves covered with flowers in the Spring.


Left the crowd, left the scene, they are all faraway,


Wind blows, sand moves, yet our trace never disappears.


The caravan never stops even our horses become thin,


Our grand-children or great-grand-children will one day find those traces.


( Questa Poesia è la nostra risposta per tutta la dittatura.






Power by: Arslan Rahman