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TOPIC: World Raising a Sociopath

World Raising a Sociopath 16 Gen 2018 12:57 #1

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World Raising a Sociopath

Turdi Hoja

China has turned into a sociopath and yet the whole world is willfully ignoring it to their own long term detriment. Chinese law is not worth the paper it is written on. things and people’s lives are run based on the mood of the party officials in charge of the situation and the people rather than the law. However, China is eager to point out loud any defects in other’s behaviours and use the law of civilized countries to advance its agendas through various means using vast Chinese immigrant networks in the West.
By dictionary definition, the words “shame, conscience” don’t exist in a sociapaths’ dictionary. they lack moral standard, and often resorts to manipulation, lying, or force to get what they want. They can’t maintain normal relationships. Doesn’t it sound familiar? China could not maintain a normal relationship with the minorities, even with people who share the same ethnic heritage. For example, people in Hong Kong and Taiwan. No country in the world has so much troubled relationships with its neighors as China. China fits the dictionary definition of sociopath word by word. The world has been blissfully ignoring its behavior because the corporations, movie studios and media companies have grown accustomed to relying on Chinese markets and have been looking the other way. Chinese money has become a heroin for western corporations.
But, the bad news for American and the western corporations is that it is nature of a sociopath to cooperate with you, even support you to get stronger so that one day he can be strong enough to impose its will on you or completely destroy you.
No one needs to look further than the situations of Uyghurs and Tibetans. They were treated better when China was weaker and vulnerable. Their treatment at the hands of the Chinese occupiers have gotten worse and worse as China gets stronger and stronger. today China’s treatment of Uyghurs are barbaric even by the standards of primitive societies thousands of years ago. can you imagine your parents, brothers and sisters don’t dare to answer your phone call because they would be arrested and detained in horrible detention facilies for long times if they do? that is exactly what’s happening to Uyghurs living outside of Chinese borders. we can’t get visa to visit our families even when our parents are on death beds and want to see us one last time. not because we or our parents did something to deserve this treatment, simply because we happen to be Uyghurs. when people hear Minorities”, they offen understand the word in the context of the western societies. But, it is not the samething with us. Uyghurs and Tibetans have had distinct homelands, identities, history and cultures and lived as equals to their larger neighbor China for much of the last 2500 years. There were times they were politically and militarily stronger than China and provided help when asked. it is all well-documented. but, today they treat us as if we just came out of the caves and learning how to walk irect. their oppressive and intrusive behariors and cruelty towards Uyghurs is unprecedented in any society in history. Yet, the world is completely ignoring it, which further encourages China to get even worse. we‘ve got here today because the Chinese money has corrupted the world to cowards. If the world had not turned into cowards and spotlighted China’s unacceptable behaviors, we would’ve been in a much better place today. Hong Kong people wouldn’t have lost much of their freedom; China wouldn’t have built those artificial islands in the areas contested by its neighbors; China wouldn’t have become so beligerant towards its neighbors. China is a sociopath, it does what a sociopath does. It is the world who is largely responsible for the deteriorating situation for not taking action to say “No”. we Uyghurs are too weak to defend ourselves. Sadly and very sadly, our only condolences is our today will be the future of everybody in not so distant future and only then the world will be forced to take action to defend itself from brutality of a sociopath. it would be a destructive and sad ending for everyone. many of the greedy corporations perhaps wouldn’t live long enough to witness it. because they will be buried long before that by the Chinese once they complete the robbing of the western technologies.

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